Last month, courtesy of Somuchmore, Racefully team member Tara attended a WorkIt morning Bootcamp class. This is what she thought:


The studio: Henry Wood House


When you head off to train at a gym in London, more often than not, you find yourself underground. WorkIt beats that stereotype by being on the second floor of the Office Group building, boasting big windows and a lovely bright studio. It’s not big, but perfect size for a class of 15.


The workout: Bootcamp


Walking in, I could tell that everyone who had made it to class wanted to break a sweat. Everyone was friendly and clearly happy to be there, including the trainer, Adam.


Just as I expected, Adam really put us though our paces. After 10 minutes of warming up and dynamic stretches, we were set a half hour, non-stop workout of burpees (lots and lots of burpees), kettlebell thrusters, pushups of different varieties, core exercises and more. It was challenging, but not intimidating or complicated. Adam made sure that he corrected our form and kept us motivated. Unlike some other classes I’ve been to where the trainer has tried to motivate his students by shouting criticism, Adam kept us going by telling us how brilliantly we were doing. What a positive difference that makes.


Walking out, I felt like I’d had a great workout but I didn’t feel completely wiped out or injured. The next day, my muscles were quite sore which is definitely a sign that I worked hard. Better yet, I found that I was sore all over, which can only mean that Adam programmed his session to work our whole bodies from head to toe. I would absolutely go again.


Check out WorkIt on instagram and online at to book your class.