Meet David, one of our co-founders! Here’s a little insight into his fitness goals, challenges and more.



David Naylor


Racefully co-founder, lawyer

My Current Fitness Plan:

Not what it should be. Run twice a week (would like it to be three times). Try to do an average of 10,000 steps a day (not succeeding). Think about adding some strength training exercises to what I do (but failing). Wishing I could play more tennis and do more rock climbing (not finding the time).

Top Fitness Tip:

If you’re comfortable when you’re exercising, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.

My Biggest Fitness Fail:

Not finding more tennis buddies. Not yet having done a half-marathon (or a marathon).

The Athlete I Wish I Could Be:

I guess I should pick a runner, but actually it’s Nadal.

The Biggest Fitness Challenge I’ve Taken On:

Most recently, I did the London to Cardiff 24hr team run with Chris and a number of other friends. I hadn’t expected to enjoy it, but even though it involved getting only one hour’s ‘sleep’ (in the bright sunshine at 5am in a country car park) it was great fun.

The Big Fitness Challenge I Want To Take On:

I’d definitely do the London-Cardiff run again (but wouldn’t mind if it was London-Paris instead!). I’d love to see if I could get my 10K pace to sub 50 minutes. I’d like to do more fell-running (but I live in central London, so don’t think that’s going to happen…) And I think I might like to do a marathon. Maybe.

My Favourite Fitness Kit:

Ummm….my iPhone and bluetooth speakers? Also quite happy with my Mizuno running shoes and Balega running socks.

What’s in my gym bag: 

Just my running kit.


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