Meet Racefully’s Marketing, Community & Events Assistant, Tara! If you have any more questions for Tara, feel free to leave us a reply.


Tara Margulies


Marketing, Community & Events Assistant, Racefully


Twitter: @racefully, @TMargulies

Instagram: @racefully, @qtara

My Current Fitness Plan:

I am an indoor cycling instructor, so teach more or less 4 classes a week. On top of that I do 4 strength training sessions a week, lifting weights at the gym. I also like to try and do something different every now and then too, from a yoga session to a play at the East London Gymnastics Club.

Top Fitness Tip:

Fall in love with your workouts! The less you think about them as a chore, the more chance you’ll have of keeping fit for life.

My Biggest Fitness Fail:

Slipping and falling on my face at the start of a 100m race when I was 13. My competitive spirit told me to get up and run the race anyway, and I still managed to come second!

The Athlete I Wish I Could Be:

Jessica Ennis – and not just for her abs! I think there is a huge amount to be said about an athlete that is good at many sporting activities, not just one.

The Biggest Fitness Challenge I’ve Taken On:

The Crossfit Open, both in 2014 & 2015 – huge amount of fun!

The Big Fitness Challenge I Want To Take On:

I wouldn’t so much call it a challenge but my own long term fitness goals are to continue to get stronger, and see that strength translate to other aspects of my life, ie. the ability to pick up other sports more quickly, carry heavy things around when necessary, etc.

My Favourite Fitness Kit:

I have a pair of “muscle” printed leggings… Yes, they look just as creepy as you’re imagining them to look but I LOVE training in them!

What’s In My Gym Bag:

Bluetooth headphones, my training diary where I keep a log of all of my workouts, at least 2 spare pair of socks, a protein shake, some water, etc.