Meet Racefully’s Product and Operations manager, Howard! If you have any more questions for Howard, feel free to leave him a reply!


Howard Gray


Product, Marketing – Racefully



My Current Fitness Plan:

Cycling to and from Racefully HQ, boxing training, yoga classes and a bit of treadmill.

Top Fitness Tip:

Make room for fitness in the mornings, it only needs to be 20mins or so but makes a huge difference to the day.

My Biggest Fitness Fail:

A catalogue of own goals during my undistinguished football career.

The Athlete I Wish I Could Be:

I’ve always been a fan of Michael Johnson’s effortless strut around a 400m track!

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson – picture from

The Biggest Fitness Challenge I’ve Taken On:

Probably an upcoming Racefully long distance run…

The Big Fitness Challenge I Want To Take On: 

3 rounds in the ring with my boxing nemesis.

My Favourite Fitness Kit:

Adidas Predator football boots, World Cup 1994 – they were an object of extreme desire for 11 year olds the world over , who cares if the ridges on the front actually made the ball swerve?!

What’s In My Gym Bag:

Hand wraps, Racefully running team t-shirt, Nike Air Max with a big hole in one of the toes, bottle of water, hair wax and a comb