This week, meet Sarah, Racefully’s AWESOME UX/UI designer! Feel free to leave us a reply if you have any more questions for Sarah.



Sarah Clark


UX/UI Designer

My Current Fitness Plan:

Try to walk at least 10km a day.

Top Fitness Tip:

The biggest insight I’ve had is learning how to breathe properly when running. It might seem small but it made a huge difference to what I can achieve. No one teaches you how to run. It’s just something we’re supposed to know how to do. Turns out I was so focussed on the distance I was holding my breath.

My Biggest Fitness Fail:

Trying to be as motivated in the winter months.

The Athlete I Wish I Could Be:

I don’t want to be anyone in particular but there are many I admire. Cathy Freeman, Katherine Grainger, Peter Norman, Ellie Simmonds, Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah.

The Biggest Fitness Challenge I’ve Taken On:

I can’t say I’m motivated by challenges as such. I just like to keep fit, whether that is walking, jogging, playing sports or going to the gym.

The Big Fitness Challenge I Want To Take On:

I’d like to run 5km in 30mins. I’m not a natural at running. I much prefer it disguised in organised sports and in short, sharp bursts as opposed to running distances. This would be a big achievement for me.

My Favourite Fitness Kit:

My Air Max 90 Escapes (2005) which have been worn to death but I can’t bear to part with them.

Nike Air Max 90s
Nike Air Max 90s Escape (image: By The Level)

What’s In My Gym Bag:

Asics trainers, gym clothes, water, iPhone.