Yes, you did read that correctly! Racefully team member Tara spent some time experimenting with healthy ingredients to make some healthy chocolate chip cookie dough truffles! They’re gluten free, dairy free and even refined sugar free (I KNOW, RIGHT?!). Here is the recipe:

Makes about 18


– 50g of cookies and cream whey protein  powder (I used this one, in cookies and cream flavour)

– 50g of ground almonds (you can get this in some large supermarkets, if you can’t find them you can always pop some almonds in a blender/food processor and make your own!)

– Lindt 90% dark chocolate broken up into tiny chunks

– Almond milk

– Date syrup

– Desiccated coconut (could replace with cocoa powder)


– Combine the whey powder and ground almonds, slowly add the almond milk and mix in with the dry ingredients until a doughy texture is achieved.

– Add the chocolate chips and mix them in.

– Add some date syrup until the mixture is sweet enough for you (could be changed for honey or agave, but date syrup has that yummy natural taste- we love it!)

– Mix it all up again and roll into bite sized truffle balls.

– Roll each truffle ball in the desiccated coconut/cocoa powder.

…. And VOILA!


Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions/alterations or have tried this at home and have fallen in love!