We’ll admit it, the Racefully team may have skipped the odd Sunday morning park run to hit the shops instead.

However, if you’re a runner (or a shopper) in Osaka that excuse became redundant earlier this year with the opening of Morinomiya Q’s Mall.

Dubbed as Japan’s 1st runnable shopping centre, the now-defunct Nissay baseball stadium in Osaka has been transformed into a shopping mall with a 300 metre running track (aka ‘The AirTrack’) perched on top along with 2 futsal courts for good measure (plus a climbing wall and numerous gyms inside the main building).

The AirTrack will have 3 different lanes and will be free for anyone to use.

In addition to the running track, Q’s Mall will also have 2 futsal courts and several other facilities to help you keep in shape like fitness and climbing gyms.

Air Track Osaka
The track from above (image courtesy of WWD Japan)

Built by Takenaka Corp. and Tokyu Land Corp, the buildings as a whole support the tracks and isolators installed at the junction of the tracks and the roof prevent vibration, making for a smooth lap for enthusiastic runners and shoppers alike.

Air Track Osaka
A quick dash to the shops

We’ve already added flights to Japan to our Christmas list – and there’s always the added bonus of a quick run around Narita Airport when we arrive.