Across the globe people love taking part in marathons, with a record 253,930 applying for the 2017 London Marathon ballot alone. However, no matter where you go in the world, there’s one thing you can always guarantee at a marathon: epic fancy dress costumes. From the hilariously funny to the full on crazy, some of the efforts really are mind blowing.

So, without further ado, and in the Halloween spirit, we bring to you 10 of our favourite fancy dress costumes for runners!

1.) The “How on earth are you running with that?” costume:


Some people spare no expense when it comes to their marathon costumes, going by the rule “go big or go home.” Well, they certainly go big – as you can see from the runner above! Clearly, running a marathon without a giant boulder attached to you isn’t challenge enough, eh? Just make sure not to drop your hat, Indy! 😉

2.) The “Princess” costume:


Those 26.2 miles get pretty gruelling, but thankfully there are a few ways to lift the spirit! And we all know the right outfit can completely change your mood! 😀

3.) The “Festive” Costume:


Vampires. Santa Claus. Easter Bunny. Need we say more?

4.) The “Group” costume:


Well all know running is better with friends  – and the same goes for costumes! That said, make sure you’re really good friends with your group… 26.2 miles is a long time to be attached to someone!

5. The “minimal” costume:


It’s like they say: less is more. . . especially when all your friends in super complex costumes are overheating and you’re still cool as a cucumber (well a cucumber running a marathon, anyway).

6.) The “outrageous” costume:

We all know exactly the type of runners who see marathons as an opportunity to wear the most outrageous/hilarious costume they can possibly find. Boundaries are there to be pushed back, right?

7.) The “I’m too much of a serious runner for fancy dress” costume:


But . . . but wouldn’t it be more fun to run in a ridiculous costume? Certainly would make a better run selfie! 😛

8.) The “I’m sweating buckets in this” costume:

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 21: A runner in fancy dress participates in the Virgin London Marathon 2013 on April 21, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images)

Whether you are running in the winter or summer, there’s one thing you can guarantee – you will sweat…A LOT! Clearly some people enjoy sweating a bit too much. . . Just be sure to hydrate regularly – these costumes aren’t for the faint-hearted.

9.)  The “Naturist” costume:


Clothes? Pfft, who needs them?

10.) The “superhero” costume:


Some marathon runners go for the theory, “maybe if I wear a superhero costume, I’ll have super running powers!” Don’t think it quite works like that, I’m afraid. However, as awesome as you may look in spandex, the only power you need is the power of your resolve! Then, anything is possible.

So, who’s heading out for a fancy dress run this weekend? We hope you share your amazing #RunSelfies with us! 😀