Racefully has just listed on SyndicateRoom, the award-winning investment platform for sophisticated investors and high net worth individuals. We’re excited to have made the cut because their acceptance criteria are rigorous and getting selected is no walk in the park. In fact, it was more like a full-on cross-country race.

We’re getting a very positive reception on the platform and we’re already 73% funded. We expect to be closing the round on SyndicateRoom within four weeks, so if you think you might like to own a piece of Racefully, or at least want to find out more, please use this link:

View Racefully’s listing on SyndicateRoom

(Note: You’ll need to create an account in order to view the all the details before investing. SyndicateRoom’s investor criteria include a £1000 minimum investment requirement).

In case you missed our post about what makes Racefully so special, it’s the first app to let you connect with people around the world and run together whenever you want, wherever you are, in the most social, motivating and enjoyable way. If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to have an amazing, intuitive app that lets you run the way you’ve always wanted to, Racefully is what you’ve been waiting for. Click here to read our latest blog post about why Racefully will be the most exciting fitness app of 2016.

So, why are we taking external investment? In short, we want to to increase our momentum to launch in two months time, ensure that we can be super-responsive to our early users, and roll out exciting new features in a shorter timeframe. The funding we’re raising through SyndicateRoom will enable us to do this.

And, because we love sharing everything that makes Racefully special, we’ll be giving investors in the current round a limited edition of the Racefully iOS app (Android will follow as soon as possible after) with the Live Racing, Group Running, and Race Reporting features unlocked for life, along with VIP access to future enhancements.

Will SyndicateRoom investors be the first people to invest in Racefully? Not at all. Our existing investors include the previous global COO of Skype, the former UK MD of Gumtree, and the former international Managing Director for DoubleClick, so anyone joining the SyndicateRoom round will be in excellent company. There are also great tax breaks for UK investors under SEIS and EIS. SyndicateRoom has an excellent explanation of how SEIS works if you’d like to learn more.

And, if you know other people who might like to join the Racefully investor group, please use the share buttons on this page to let them know about this opportunity to invest in the world’s most connected fitness club.

So, now’s your chance. If you want to help make running better for everyone – forever – you know what to do.

It’s going to be great to have you in the team.