Some people say that you’re either a morning person or you’re not. That it’s all a matter of programming and you can’t do anything about it. Here at Racefully, we don’t think that’s true at all.


Take morning runs for example. You most certainly don’t have to consider yourself a morning person to go out for a run in the a.m. Here are some easy ways to get yourself charging out of that door at crazy o’clock in the morning for a blast of fresh air and a perfect start to the day.


  • Sleep in your sports kit. OK, this one is a little strange, but from experience it works. All you have to do is roll out of bed and put your socks and shoes on. It requires no brain power at all. If you’re not keen on that idea, keep your kit on the end of your bed and then it’s easy to hand in the morning.


  • Set your favourite power song as your alarm. Every person has one. The song that makes you feel strong, energetic and just plain awesome, no matter how tired you are. Waking up to that will definitely improve your chances of getting up and out.


  • Hold yourself accountable. Tweet it, change your Facebook status, make sure that other people know what you’re going to do in the morning. That way, it’s a lot harder to say to yourself “you know what, I’ll just do it another day…”


  • Arrange to run with a friend. This is the best one of all and what everyone at Racefully is striving to make simple and easy. If you’ve arranged to run with someone else, it would be rude to let them down and that’s the greatest motivation yet. What’s more, you’re doing them a favour by making sure that they get up for a run too. It’s a win win!


If any of these work for you, or you have any to add, please do drop us a reply. We’d love to hear how you get moving.