To help you get to know the brains behind Racefully a little better, we’ve put together a short set of questions for each team member to answer. The first set of answers we’re sharing with you are from Chris Pointon, one of Racefully’s co-founders. Leave us a reply if you have any more questions for Chris, or if one of these answers is similar to the answer you’d give!

Chris Pointon

Co-founder, Racefully


My Current Fitness Plan:
I try to get out for a run three times a week: 5-8k on weekdays and 8-20k on Sundays. My friend Steve and I go out to do circuits in the park once a week. Most weeks I do some core stuff with a kettle bell and a follow a YouTube “yoga for runners” video to stretch back out again.

Top Fitness Tip:
Find some people you enjoy exercising with. It’s so much better than trying to motivate yourself all on your own.

My Biggest Fitness Fail:
Hurting my back getting my kit bag out of the back of the car to get changed for a race, and having to withdraw.

The Athlete I Wish I Could Be:
The legendary Brian Jacks on Superstars in 1980

The Biggest Fitness Challenge I’ve Taken On:
The Reach the Beach Relay – a 200-mile relay race from the mountains to the ocean in New Hampshire

The Big Fitness Challenge I Want To Take On:
The London Marathon 2016. This would be my first marathon if I get in. I want to run for the Alzheimer’s Society in memory of my dad, who died of Alzheimer’s in 2007.

My Favourite Fitness Kit:
I can’t think of anything I’d call “favourite”. As long as it doesn’t chafe I’m happy!

What’s In My Gym Bag:
I don’t have much brand loyalty I’m afraid so it’s a random assortment of gear. My current running shoes are Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, which after a couple of hundred miles are still very comfortable.