If you’re kicking off the New Year with a healthier approach to living, your diet may have come to mind at least once or twice. . . or a million times. Well, we’re here to reassure you that eating healthily can be perfectly delicious, exciting, and varied. In fact, there are so many great healthy recipes (and food bloggers out there sharing them), that we decided to deliver them to you as a series. So, without further ado, we present part one of our favourite healthy foodies series. And they’re all going to leave you eating your meals like this kid:

1. Chocolate Covered Katiehealthy food blogger chocolate

Love chocolate? So does Katie! Katie’s blog reminds us that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean skimping on your favourite treats. Just feast your eyes on this glorious morsel! ?

2. Oh She Glows

Veggie burger healthy blogger

If you’re looking to cut back on your meat intake, Oh She Glows might just be your ideal food blogger. With over one million followers, Angela’s mouthwatering plant-based meals pack a punch without adding on any empty calories.

3. Madeleine Shaw

berry smoothie healthy blogger

For Madeleine, it’s all about keeping things simple and delicious. Focusing on pure and refreshing ingredients, Madeleine’s recipes are as exciting as they are beautiful – so there’s no risk of getting bored.

4. The Picky Eater

healthy food blogger burrito

Inspired by her husband’s picky (and less than healthy) eating habits, Anjali’s blog offers hundreds of tasty foods that everyone loves – whether you’re on a diet or not!

5. Spamella B

healthy free from food blogger

Spamella B specializes in free-from food (that’s recipes without gluten, dairy, meat  – you name it). Whether you’ve got an allergy or you’re looking to cut back, this is the blog for you. Plus just look at those awe-inspiring desserts!! ^

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Well, that’s the first five foodies on our healthy blogger series. Stay tuned for the next edition, and, until then, share your own favourite recipes in the comments below!