We’re excited to announce that CrowdRating, the independent analyst, has rated us as one of the top five UK companies raising funds on any equity crowdfunding platform. This follows Racefully’s listing last week on Syndicate Room, the award-winning equity crowdfunding platform for high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.


CrowdRating pairs analytics and algorithms with analyst commentary to produce reports on crowdfunding investment opportunities. The company released its report on Racefully last week, highlighting the strength of our team, commitment and experience. The report pointed to our market potential, as well as giving us a Gold Rating as an investment opportunity.


According to CrowdRating,

“Racefully takes a unique approach to running, downplaying the competitive aspects and accentuating the social. A tactic that could open up an under-served market”

Racefully is unique, and we’re glad that CrowdRating agrees. Racefully is all about creating an incredible network of runners that can connect with old friends and make new ones around the world. Racefully helps you get fit, stay motivated and reach your fitness goals – whenever you want and wherever you are. (For more about why we think Racefully is poised to be the most exciting fitness app of 2016, click here).


It goes without saying that we’re thrilled to have CrowdRating’s endorsement. Racefully is currently 75% funded on Syndicate Room, and if you’d like to invest, there is still an opportunity to do so. You can find out more at:

Check out Racefully’s listing on SyndicateRoom*


We’re launching in January 2016, and we can’t wait to share the Racefully experience with you.


*Note: You’ll need to create an account in order to view the all the details before investing. Syndicate Room’s investor criteria include a £1000 minimum investment requirement.