Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet – a review

For three months, Racefully team member Sarah followed the Ketogenic diet. It’s a high fat, moderate protein and very low carbohydrate regime, designed to force your body to burn fat instead of carbs.   It’s wise to check with a doctor before following any diet plan that cuts out food groups. Here’s what she thought:…

Oat & Sultana cookies

Oat & sultana cookies

Racefully team member Sarah followed Deliciously Ella’s recipe for chewy sultana cookies, and they turned out fabulously! Oats are a fantastic slow-release energy source that keep you feeling full and the best thing about this recipe is that there’s no need for any fancy ingredients or equipment. These cookies are made from ingredients that most…

Raw chocolate protein brownies

Raw protein chocolate brownies

In celebration of national chocolate week and because we’re such fun-loving souls, we hit the kitchen yet again to bring you another of our deliciously easy recipes.   Using only four ingredients and one piece of equipment, these little brownie squares took just 10 minutes to make and are the perfect homemade snack to whip…

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